Kate McAllister works across the public and voluntary sectors to provide organisations with the strategy, tools and impetus to deliver positive change. Formerly the executive director of a national supported housing association, Kate has a proven track record over many years of working at senior levels with central and local government, service providers, and housing associations.

Kate is a recognised expert in the areas of value for money and performance improvement, and has developed a number of web-based modelling and benchmarking tools in association with the Chartered Institute of Housing.

She is particularly interested in the changing needs and expectations of older people, and in ways to involve them in designing and developing services that meet their needs.

Kate is also an experienced facilitator and trainer of Appreciative Inquiry, an innovative approach to positive change that enables senior management, frontline staff, and service users to work together to identify, design and deliver improvements in services and solve problems.

Kate's expertise in research and analysis, strategic planning, consultancy and coaching makes her a leading figure in her field. Together with her associates, Kate removes problems, maximises opportunities and increases confidence in people and organisations undergoing change. 

Kate presents at CIH 'Delivering housing with care and support for older people' conference September 2013

As a recognised expert on the housing support needs of older people, Kate is presenting a session on how providers can work with hospitals to ensure the transfer of care and support when older people are discharged from hospital. Click here for more information about the conference

Tools for Improving Service Quality and Value

Kate has played a key role in designing and developing the Quality Assist suite of web-based tools offered by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), which incorporate much of her expertise in helping local authorities focus scarce resources on the most vital priorities and needs.

The new Service Quality Tool (SQT), supported by Sitra and DCLG, delivers robust and consistent assessments of support services, while placing the service user at the heart of the assessment process. Get more information and try out the demo site via the CIH's SQT page.

The Value for Money (VfM) tool provides user-friendly decision support, benchmarking, and sensitivity analysis to help local authorities make the right strategic decisions to maintain key provision while making efficiency savings.

Free Support for Local Authorities to Realign Supporting People budgets and improve the effectiveness of services for older people

In a programme supported by DCLG, CIH is offering up to 5 days free consultancy from nationally recognised experts in supported housing, including Kate McAllister, to help local authorities minimise the impact on services of implementing efficiencies. A limited amount of free support is also available to local authorities wishing to improve the effectiveness san flexibility of services for older people.

Visit the CIH site for more information

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